Vegan Taco Truck in Modesto

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Met Oscar today and order from his taco truck, Vee-kind... is legit the best Mexican food I have had in ages...if you are a friend of mine...I challenge you to eat there and see if you disagree... regardless of whether you eat plant based or not.

Jason Thomson

Omg y’all have to try this!!!!!! Veekiind this is the best I’ve ever had!! Way better than what we get when we go to LA.. we tried the pozole, potato tacos, taco box, and 2 different quesadillas plus the Hibiscus water (which is nectar from the gods) and some of their soup he let us try that was bomb!!!!! We will definitely be making this a weekly outing!!

Sarah Lacey

Yessss! My husband who isn’t a vegan was shocked at how amazing it was, definitely our new favorite spot!!

Petra Cruz

It really is the best!!!!

Your neighborhood Vegan

Had the quesadilla today -awesome!! Plus the quinoa /combo plate YUM!

Sally Mears

I got a taco box on Tuesday and I’m still eating the yummy Tacos! I also got other salads and soup to eat for the week! It is all soooo good!

Kim Dell

Finally some vegan mexican food. Absolutely delicious would recommend their tacos. Will definitely come back, great service and food!

Jaslyn D.

Game changer!! Saw a post on Modest to go and decided to try it! I tried the asada and al pastor. So delicious! Their creamy green salsa, to die for! It was so good and the taste of the tacos made me realize that I wasn't missing (real) meat. Went back a few days later and ordered the chicken posole and the tacos dorados(potatoes). So delicious! Did not disappoint! Will be going be back soon!

Susie P.

A girlfriend brought me lunch today from this wonderful vegan taco truck. We shared a tub of posole with a well- flavored broth, potato tacos - crunchy yumminess, and asada style street tacos. There were several salsas included: A mildly sweet mango-ish(?) salsa, a creamy avocado salsa, a fresh and spicy salsa verde, and a bite you back dried chile oil. Standard condiments were included as well. Even if you're not vegan, these delicious authentic flavors will invite you to return!

Janet K.

I just happened to see this trucks post on the Modesto to go page on Facebook, and I'm SO glad I did! This is the only traditional vegan Mexican food in the area whether you're looking north, East, south or west. They use fresh, authentic ingredients so you get the amazing taste of true Mexican food with the plant based twist. When I stopped eating meat, I thought I would be giving up taco trucks too. I am so thankful Veekiind has made it a possibility for me again! I can not rave enough about how delicious their food is. Keep up the great work!

Nae t.